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QxWT: Find out API changes between Qooxdoo-Releases

While trying to update my qooxdoo wrapper to 1.3. I had the problem that I could find out easily which classes, methods and properties have been added/remove between e.g. 1.2 and 1.3 so that I could adjust my GWT-Wrappers. This … Continue reading

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QxWT released

The qooxdoo-Team just released version 1.2 of their JavaScript-(UI)-Library and so I’ve updated the QxWT-Wrapper for GWT to as well. There’s a new set of virtual-widgets in qooxdoo 1.2 but I decided to not wrap it yet because the … Continue reading

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QxWT released

Following the release of qooxdoo 1.1 last week. I’ve updated the QxWT-Wrapper to use this version of qooxdoo. The transition was painless because qooxdoo didn’t break existing APIs. QxWT doesn’t introduce new features or bugfixes because of the lack … Continue reading

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It’s release time – QxWT and GRaphael

QxWT At the start of the year I promised to release Version of QxWT at the end of Febuary and doing releases on time is one of the most important things so that people can start to trust … Continue reading

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QxWT – Realworld Demo

Tomorrow I’ll release QxWT as I promised at the start of the year. To show people the power of QxWT and what can be achieved by using it, in conjunction with Eclipse-Tools like EMF and Teneo, I wrote an … Continue reading

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QxWT and other cool stuff

As the blog title suggest I’ve uploaded a first release candidate for the QxWT which is going to be released on about a month. The most important new features coming with this release: Postprocessing to use qooxdoo toolchain Support … Continue reading

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QxViewers – The first steps towards a UFaceKit-Webport

I’ve talked a lot (1,2,3,4) lately about my progress on QxWT towards release Now that all the codeing is done more or less I can restart working on my master plan: Single APIing for Web and Desktop programing use … Continue reading

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QxWT explained Part 4

In the last 3 blog entries (part 1, part 2, part 3) we concentrated on generating JavaScript code using the GWT-Compiler integration and Java-Annotations. In this blog post we’ll concentrate on something completely different. One of the major problems of … Continue reading

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QxWT explained Part 3

I continue the blog post series (Part 1, Part 2) about the internal of QxWT by describing how one can even extend qooxdoo-JS-classes using the GWT-generator features without writing a single line of JavaScript-code. In the last blog entry we … Continue reading

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QxWT explained Part 2

In my last blog post I started explaining how QxWT adopters get support from us in release (due end of February). We are going more into detail in this blog post. Let’s once more recap what we are trying … Continue reading

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