QxWT: Find out API changes between Qooxdoo-Releases

While trying to update my qooxdoo wrapper to 1.3. I had the problem that I could find out easily which classes, methods and properties have been added/remove between e.g. 1.2 and 1.3 so that I could adjust my GWT-Wrappers.

This was until Andreas Ecker from the qooxdoo team pointed me to an interesting Meta-Data information the generator spits out for the API-Viewer. It took me about an hour to write a small Java-Programm which created a diff of those .json-Files.

Below you see an example output of a diff between Qooxdoo 1.2 and 1.3.

You can download the small utility from here. The usage is quite simply as long as you have Java installed on your system.

Usage: java -jar qxapidiff.jar -v0 $APIVIEWER_DIR_VERSION_0 -v1 $APIVIEWER_DIR_VERSION_1 [-a 0|1|2]
	* -v0 (mandatory) ... Path to old versions API-Viewers script directory e.g. /home/tom/qx-1.0-sdk/framework/api/script
	* -v1 (mandatory) ... Path to new versions API-Viewers script directory e.g. /home/tom/qx-1.3-sdk/framework/api/script
	* -a ................ Minum-Access-Level for Method diff: 0 = private, 1 = protected, 2 = public
	* -h ................ Prints this message

if you think you can improve it, you are free to do so (e.g. to add constructors and method-arguments to the diff calculation) because you can access the sources from my public SVN-Repository.

I think in future I can use this informations to e.g. write create wrappers or at least their stubs automagically 🙂 but until then I need to wrap them by hand.

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4 Responses to QxWT: Find out API changes between Qooxdoo-Releases

  1. Hi Tom,

    sweet! Great to see my input was helpful and you could create this handy tool out of it. Lets see were we could use that ourselves … 😉

  2. Hi Tom,

    Great work! Many GWT programmers need now a rich widgets library. QxWT may become a third (and I think, best) alternative to SmartGWT and GXT. Do you consider to continue develpment or it is in abandoned state now?

    • Tom Schindl says:

      No it’s been stalled a bit but we restarted updating it to the latest qooxdoo-release (the API svn head is already adjusted). I hope to find the time to release it soon (1-2 weeks)

      • That would be very nice especially because version 1.2 of Qooxdoo framework used in QxWT does not work properly in Firefox (4). And this limits a lot the usage of QxWT in cross-browser applications.
        Thank you.

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