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Introducing e(fx)clipse

UPDATE Please download the latest version from People who’ve read my blog in the last few weeks have seen that I invested some time in getting the Eclipse 4 Application Platform running on top of JavaFX. One of the … Continue reading

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Jax 2011: EMF-Databinding talk

I had the pleasure to present EMF-Databinding to interested people on the Model Day at Jax 2011. I’m desperately sorry that people have been unable to install my sources but there has been a misunderstanding I’ll apologize for. Everyone who … Continue reading

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Interesting new feature in EMF-Databinding

I’ve invested sometime into EMF-Databinding to add a new quite interesting feature i guess. Currently we have to problem that if your nested path crosses a multi-valued feature (=java.util.List) at some point the only solution today is to create a … Continue reading

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Navigating/Querying EMF-Models using XPath

To make the new e4 way of building a complete model from small model pieces – named fragments – more flexible in 4.1, I’ve been developing a JXPath extension which works ontop of the reflective EMF-API. I know that there’s … Continue reading

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Eclipse Databinding 3.5.2 for GWT

I’ve just updated the Eclipse-Databinding port for GWT to the patch level of Eclipse 3.5.2.

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ESE 09 – My Slides

Back from ESE 09 – once more a nice event and got to know even more people. I was quite busy this year taking part in 5 Sessions so a short review from my side: EMF Tutorial I think Ed, … Continue reading

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Build for Databinding4GWT available

Following an discussion on where people stated that we don’t offer binary builds I sat down yesterday and wrote a short ant script to create binary builds people can consume out of the box easily. I didn’t use the … Continue reading

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Eclipse Databinding and QxWT

If you followed my blog closely you already know that I invested some time into makeing Eclipse Databinding available for GWT (as part of the Eclipse UFaceKit project) and because I couldn’t find a GWT-UI-Library who suited my needs I … Continue reading

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Now that’s cool

If you are following my blog you may have noticed that I invested some hours this weekend in Eclipse-Databinding and GWT. It was Saturday in the evening when I got the Eclipse-Databinding working inside GWT and I started searching for … Continue reading

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Eclipse-Databinding 3.5 for GWT

I’m a big fan of GWT but one of the real pain points when developing GWT applications is that there’s no databinding framework [*] available to synchronize your domain objects and UI-Widgets. As many of you know I’m an even … Continue reading

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