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BestSolution EDV Systemhaus GmbH

BestSolution was founded in 2002 by three partners and comprises today different projects for wellknown business-partners in Austria an across Europe, providing consulting services and business solutions on top of the Java platform ranging from Eclipse RCP to Web 2.0 applications developed with GWT.

From our parent house in Innsbruck (Western Austria) we are focusing mainly on three different areas:

  1. Software-Development
  2. (gist: Eclipse [RCP/RAP] – Java – ExtGWT – ExtJS – PHP – …)

  3. System-Administration
  4. (gist: Unix-Server – Networking – OS-Migration Win2Linux – …)

  5. IT-Consulting
  6. (gist: consulting – organinsation – processing in SW-Projects & IT-Systems)

About three years ago we started – as a new essential part of our company – our comprehensive activity in Eclipse development community. For our commitment we (better “I”) received the Eclipse TopContributor-Price in 2007, were appointed as a member of Eclipse Architecture Council in 2008 and were nominated as one of the Eclipse Top Ambassadors for 2009. – competence through knowledge & responsibility!

Brief Facts – Our Company Data


  • EDV Systemhaus GmbH
  • Eduard-Bodem-Gasse 5-7, 6020 Innsbruck/AUSTRIA
  • info @


  • in 2002 by three partners (Tom Schindl, Udo Rader, Mag. Bernd Reitmair)

Team skills:

  • Languages:
    • German, English, Italian(~), French(~)
  • Programming Languages:
    • Java, J2EE (Websphere, BEA WebLogic), PHP, Perl, JS, GWT, ExtJS, ExtGWT, XSL/XSLT, …
  • Operating Systems:
    • Unix based OS (Linux, IRIX, HP/UX), Windows OS
  • Database Systems:
    • Informix, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, Access
  • Tools & Utilities:
    • Eclipse, OSGi, jboss, hibernate, Poseidon, Design-Patterns, Apache1+2, ufacekit, Tomcat, SOAP, ant, maven, libxml, libxslt, AxKit, OpenOffice-UNO-Bridge, UML, Struts, Tiles, Perl-XS, SVN, CVS, Mod-Perl1+2, Office Suites (OpenOffice, MS Office), …

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