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Improving Min/Max performance in “e4-on-JavaFX” applications

When it comes to performance in JavaFX one of the biggest problems is that if you detach and reattach a big SceneGraph-Part you run: CSS-Pass Layout-Pass So in general one should avoid those operations as much as possible but there … Continue reading

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New SashLayout container has landed in e(fx)clipse

I just pushed a new layout-container who has a similar feature set than the JavaFX built-in SplitPane but ensures that proportions are not corrupted if you shrink the container (just watch the video below to get an idea what I … Continue reading

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Building e4 JavaFX applications with gitlab-ci and docker

We’ve decided internally sometime ago to use a self-hosted gitlab instance for our projects. To get started quickly we first only used the ticket-system and keep our jenkins-instance to do our builds which works fine but it somehow bothered me … Continue reading

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e(fx)clipse 2.3.0 released

Right for EclipseConNA 2016 next week we released e(fx)clipse 2.3.0. This release mainly provides features in the runtime layer. Where to get it from If you are interested in the Tooling you can: Install it into a 4.5.2 install using … Continue reading

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Using TypeScript LanguageService to build an JS/TypeScript IDE in Java

Yesterday I blogged about my endeavors into loading and using the TypeScript Language Service (V8 and Nashorn) and calling it from Java to get things like an outline, auto-completions, … . Today I connected these headless pieces to my JavaFX-Editor-Framework. … Continue reading

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Why I think @UIEventTopic / @EventTopic have been a bad idea

I’ve been working on a document since some time who holds my thoughts on the future direction of Eclipse 4 or better the Eclipse 4 Application Platform. At first I’d like to mention that these as my personal views, not … Continue reading

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e(fx)clipse 2.2.0 – Typesafe EventBus

With e(fx)clipse we ship as part of our core-bundle (the one able to run in any OSGi and Plain-Java-Env) since 2.1 an org.eclipse.fx.core.event.EventBus which we enhanced in 2.2.0 to provide a certain level of typesafety. Useage is straight forward: Define … Continue reading

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