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Setting up e(fx)clipse RCP development for Java11+ and PDE

As I’m currently converting a Java-8 project to AdoptJDK-11 and JavaFX-11+ I thought it would be a good idea document the steps involved. Prequisits I assume you have installed: Eclipse 2019-12 – Installed e(fx)clipse 3.6.0 or above – reading

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Slides from JavaFX-Days Zürich on e(fx)clipse APIs

If you could not attend my talk at the JavaFX-Days Zürich yesterday or you did and wanted to recap what you’ve presented. Here are the slides. I enjoyed the conference and I hope you did as well. See you next … Continue reading

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Building dynamic Java Module System layers to integrate JavaFX 11 in Equinox

One of the most fundamental features of the e(fx)clipse runtime is to integrate JavaFX into the Equinox OSGi-Container and even a running Eclipse IDE. We currently support the following setups: JavaFX 8 JavaFX 9/10 JavaFX 11 and the integration for … Continue reading

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Supporting OpenJFX 11 from JDK11 onwards in e(fx)clipse

So starting with JDK-11 OpenJFX is not part of any downloadable distribution. As JavaFX is designed to run on the module-path (and tested only there) you have 2 options to run JavaFX inside OSGi: * You create your own JDK-Distribution … Continue reading

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Proper OSGi access restriction warnings for e(fx)clipse maven projects

In the last few days I worked on the last required feature to abandon PDE and use maven (with the bnd-maven-plugin) and m2e. Does anyone reading my blog know if IntelliJ and Netbeans also have a feature like this?

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Cross IDE Dev-Support for “e4 on JavaFX” – We are almost there

In the last few days I made a major step towards supporting all major Java-IDEs (Eclipse, Netbeans, IntelliJ IDEA) to develop “e4 on JavaFX” applications. The key to this multi-IDE support is that we don’t use the MANIFEST-First approach from … Continue reading

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e(fx)clipse 3.0.0 is released

e(fx)clipse has been released on June 6th but because of the high load of JavaFX projects we are working on I did not have time to write the public release announcement. In total we have worked on ~100 tickets most … Continue reading

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