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Eclipse 4.1: Run your 3.x RCP in 4.1

So there are many 3.x-RCP application and their developers who’d like to run their RCP-Apps ontop of the Eclipse 4.1 RCP (Attention: Don’t mix this up with the Eclipse 4 Application Platform – I’ve blogged about lately). The Eclipse 4.1 … Continue reading

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Enhanced RCP: How views can communicate – The e4 way

Some weeks ago I published how views can communicate using the EventAdmin-Service. To get things working in an 3.x application one has to write some glue code but more importantly one has to know about all those nifty things about … Continue reading

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Eclipse 4.0 – So you can theme me Part 1

One of the nice things of Eclipse 4.0 is that you can change its Look & Feel using CSS. In this blog post you’ll learn how you can write your own theme and use it in our workbench. The Eclipse … Continue reading

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Eclipse 4.0 and tutorial on writing e4-RCP-application released

The Release The e4-Team just announced the availability of the Eclipse 4.0 SDK “Early Adopter Release” (Reviewslides) which marks a major platform update since the inception of 3.0 6 years ago. Just to reiterate what the 4.0 SDK is and … Continue reading

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Writing RCP Applications with e4

Now the 4.0 release is approaching very fast and I’ve been working full(free)time on an extended tutorial writing an e4-RCP-Applications. The whole tutorial is centered around an exemplary Mail-Application I’ll release the tutorial and the whole source on the day … Continue reading

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Installing Eclipse Translate View

I’ve just added an update-site to install Translation View into your Workbench. All you need to do is to add 2 update-sites: E4 M6 Update-Site: Translator Update-Site: After having successfully installed you should see a new category in … Continue reading

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e4 – Use e4-DI in 3.x

When talking about single sourceing in terms of e4 we talk about the following: Write for e4 and run in e4-Applications, Eclipse 4.0 SDK and Eclipse 3.x SDK In the first part of the series we are going to get … Continue reading

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