Writing RCP Applications with e4

Now the 4.0 release is approaching very fast and I’ve been working full(free)time on an extended tutorial writing an e4-RCP-Applications.

The whole tutorial is centered around an exemplary Mail-Application

I’ll release the tutorial and the whole source on the day we release the 4.0 SDK so if all works out as we expect and you check back here on Wednesday/Thursday you’ll find a complete e4 tutorial helping you to get started with e4:

Topics covered:

  • Install tooling coming with e4
  • Getting started with the e4-Application model
  • Getting started with the e4-Programming model based upon Pojos, DI and OSGi-Services
  • Using CSS to style your Application
  • Manipulating the e4-Application model in a running application
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6 Responses to Writing RCP Applications with e4

  1. sudr says:

    Looking forward to the e4 tutorial!

  2. Mandla says:

    Looking forward to this one.

  3. rana mohamed says:

    has the RCP tutorial on E4 been released or not ?

  4. rana mohamed says:

    thank you for ur help
    i want to ask you another question i’m trying to make SWT aplication on e4 and convert it into arabic can you help with this please beacause i don’t know how to convert the whole application to arabic

    • Tom Schindl says:

      Please ask question about e4 on the eclipse.e4-newsgroup. If you don’t want to use your Mail-Application to work with newsgroups you can use the forum.

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