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Building a cmd-line application to notarize Apple applications using Quarkus and GraalVM Native Image support

So I’ve been searching for a long time for a small side project where I could give Quarkus’ Native-Image support a spin. While we are using Quarkus in JDK mode in almost all of our server applications there was no … Continue reading

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e(fx)clipse 3.7.0 is released

We are happy to announce that e(fx)clipse 3.7.0 has been released. This release contains the following repositories/subprojects: runtime-shared: runtime: tooling: There are almost no new features (eg the new boxshadow) but only bugfixes who are very important … Continue reading

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Browser like BoxShadow for JavaFX coming with e(fx)clipse 3.7.0

Using BoxShadow is a very common thing in modern UIs, so it might not be suprising that designers defining UIs often also use them heavily. Unfortunately JavaFX has NO 100% compatible effect and even worse one who is closest (DropShadow) … Continue reading

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JavaFlightRecorder-Event Documentation

So while exploring the JFR-Event-Stream-System I came across the problem that there’s no (human readable) documentation what JFR-Events are available in a given JDK-Version. Erik Gahlin who works on JavaFlightRecorder pointed me to a command one can use to dump … Continue reading

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Observing your Quarkus Server with “JFR Event Streaming” via Websockets

Having reviewed thousands lines if code last week I had the urgent need to code something for fun and inspired by Gunnar Morlings tweets on “JFR Event Streaming – JEP 349” 📢 Very happy to announce #JmFrX, a bridge from … Continue reading

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News from DriftFX: Approaching v1.0

It’s been a long time since we gave an update on DriftFX (we announced our PoC roughly 1.5 years ago) but I’m pleased to share with you that we’ve worked hard on it for the past half year to turn … Continue reading

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Setting up e(fx)clipse RCP development for Java11+ and PDE

As I’m currently converting a Java-8 project to AdoptJDK-11 and JavaFX-11+ I thought it would be a good idea document the steps involved. Prequisits I assume you have installed: Eclipse 2019-12 – Installed e(fx)clipse 3.6.0 or above – reading

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Slides from JavaFX-Days Zürich on e(fx)clipse APIs

If you could not attend my talk at the JavaFX-Days Zürich yesterday or you did and wanted to recap what you’ve presented. Here are the slides. I enjoyed the conference and I hope you did as well. See you next … Continue reading

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Announcing e(fx)clipse DriftFX – Integrating Native Rendering Pipelines into JavaFX

I’ve had the honor to introduce DriftFX at todays JavaFX-Days conference in Zürich. What is DriftFX DriftFX is a JavaFX extension allowing you to embed native rendering engines (eg OpenGL) into the JavaFX-Scenegraph. To embed external rendering engines DriftFX exposes … Continue reading

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Building dynamic Java Module System layers to integrate JavaFX 11 in Equinox

One of the most fundamental features of the e(fx)clipse runtime is to integrate JavaFX into the Equinox OSGi-Container and even a running Eclipse IDE. We currently support the following setups: JavaFX 8 JavaFX 9/10 JavaFX 11 and the integration for … Continue reading

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