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Cross IDE Dev-Support for “e4 on JavaFX” –¬†We are almost there

In the last few days I made a major step towards supporting all major Java-IDEs (Eclipse, Netbeans, IntelliJ IDEA) to develop “e4 on JavaFX” applications. The key to this multi-IDE support is that we don’t use the MANIFEST-First approach from … Continue reading

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Introducing (another/additional) JavaFX TestFramework

Let me start with the statement that TestFX is somewhat the default JUnit-Testframework for JavaFX application and is what we proposed to use to all our customers and our projects until today where we introduce our own one. There are … Continue reading

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e(fx)clipse 3.0.0 is released

e(fx)clipse has been released on June 6th but because of the high load of JavaFX projects we are working on I did not have time to write the public release announcement. In total we have worked on ~100 tickets most … Continue reading

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e(fx)clipse runtime library – Working with the (JavaFX) UI-Thread

When developing UI-Application a very frequent task is to synchronizes yourself back from an worker-thread to the UI-Thread schedule task to run in the future Block the program flow and wait for a condition being met (in SWT called spinning … Continue reading

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e4 on JavaFX with the bnd-maven-plugin (with VS Code)

Just a few minutes ago I blogged about our future plans for e(fx)clipse and to show you that we take the things mentionned there really serious I can provide you an initial report on the first 2 points from the … Continue reading

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e(fx)clipse and the future of e4 on JavaFX

We’ve been a bit silent in the last few months but the reason is not that our investment in e(fx)clipse has been stopped – it’s the complete opposite. We are involved in HUGE JavaFX projects built on top of e4 … Continue reading

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Friday fun stuff – JavaFX Based Java IDE

While I’ve been working (and still work) on general IDE concept and frameworks I decided to today that I want to work on something simpler. After having hacked the whole day I have now a basic Java IDE: Nothing fancy … Continue reading

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