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e(fx)clipse runtime library – Dealing with listeners on JavaFX-Observables

Now that the e(fx)clipse runtime code base is available to any application developer (see this blog post). It is time to explore all the cool stuff it provides for Java(FX) application development. In the next few weeks I’ll blog about … Continue reading

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Make it easy to consume e(fx)clipse libraries in maven (or gradle)

In the past we now and then published some of our artifacts on maven central but because this was a manual process we’ve often been too lazy leading to do it on each release. This leads frustration because while we’ve … Continue reading

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Making @Service annotation even cleverer

As some of you might know e(fx)clipse provides a Eclipse DI extension supporting more powerful feature when we deal with OSGi-Services: Support for dynamics (eg if a higher-ranked service comes along you get it injected, …) Support for service list … Continue reading

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Improving Min/Max performance in “e4-on-JavaFX” applications

When it comes to performance in JavaFX one of the biggest problems is that if you detach and reattach a big SceneGraph-Part you run: CSS-Pass Layout-Pass So in general one should avoid those operations as much as possible but there … Continue reading

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New SashLayout container has landed in e(fx)clipse

I just pushed a new layout-container who has a similar feature set than the JavaFX built-in SplitPane but ensures that proportions are not corrupted if you shrink the container (just watch the video below to get an idea what I … Continue reading

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Building e4 JavaFX applications with gitlab-ci and docker

We’ve decided internally sometime ago to use a self-hosted gitlab instance for our projects. To get started quickly we first only used the ticket-system and keep our jenkins-instance to do our builds which works fine but it somehow bothered me … Continue reading

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e(fx)clipse 2.4.0 & Eclipse Neon Builds available

For those who want to get an easy head start into JavaFX development with Eclipse as an IDE BestSolution provides a service many developers make use of (eg in June the IDE got downloaded 4000 times). We provide All-in-One builds … Continue reading

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