Building e4 JavaFX applications with gitlab-ci and docker

We’ve decided internally sometime ago to use a self-hosted gitlab instance for our projects.

To get started quickly we first only used the ticket-system and keep our jenkins-instance to do our builds which works fine but it somehow bothered me that we’ve been unable to use the gitlab-ci system integrated directly into the gitlab-instance.

So yesterday we started to explore how we can do builds using the docker integration of gitlab-ci and after some troubles with FreeBSD & docker (where our gitlab instance is hosted on) we managed to get a build going.

If you want to do that as well. You can make use of a docker-image we prepared containing:

  • Maven 3.3.x
  • Oracle-JDK-8

(we unfortunately could not use the java-images provided by dockerhub because they ship OpenJDK8 who does not include JavaFX).

So if you run your e4 on JavaFX project as well on gitlab all you need to do is to add a gitlab-ci.yml to your git-repository holding the following content:

image: tomsontom/oracle-java8-mvn:latest

  script: "cd; mvn clean package"
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2 Responses to Building e4 JavaFX applications with gitlab-ci and docker

  1. What is the link to the GitLab page? I can’t find it. Thanks!

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