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Eclipse Databinding 3.5.2 for GWT

I’ve just updated the Eclipse-Databinding port for GWT to the patch level of Eclipse 3.5.2.

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UFaceKit – 2 (new) interesting features in latest nightly

Like the title already says the latest nightly build comes with 2 amazing features one already part of the code base since a long time (XPath to traverse the UI-DOM) the second one just hit SVN (plugable model-item mapping). I’m … Continue reading

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Consumeable UFaceKit-Builds for SWT

This a remarkable day in the history of UFaceKit because since today we can provide consumeable nightly builds to install or create a target platform. A big thank you to Chris Aniszczyk and Pascal Rapicault who helped me in getting … Continue reading

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QxViewers – The first steps towards a UFaceKit-Webport

I’ve talked a lot (1,2,3,4) lately about my progress on QxWT towards release Now that all the codeing is done more or less I can restart working on my master plan: Single APIing for Web and Desktop programing use … Continue reading

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ESE 09 – My Slides

Back from ESE 09 – once more a nice event and got to know even more people. I was quite busy this year taking part in 5 Sessions so a short review from my side: EMF Tutorial I think Ed, … Continue reading

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Build for Databinding4GWT available

Following an discussion on where people stated that we don’t offer binary builds I sat down yesterday and wrote a short ant script to create binary builds people can consume out of the box easily. I didn’t use the … Continue reading

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UFaceKit and Java5-Viewers

I had some time today to once more work a bit on UFaceKit and it’s viewer implementation and I think I added a feature which makes sense to show of. I was working on the rewrite of an old application … Continue reading

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Useing Qt to write Equinox-OSGi-UI-Applications

I saw I didn’t blogged since about 2 months. So I thought I’ll start a series of blog entries showing off new things and paths I’m exploring. I’ll start with a Technical Topic because it’s a really exciting thing I … Continue reading

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News on UFaceKit

IP-Review passed This is a great day in the short life of UFaceKit. We passed the initial IP-Review for our code base and I thank all the IP-Team for the great assistance and help to make our code base IP-clean. … Continue reading

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Getting started with UFaceKit and QT

QT and UFaceKit So the big news this week in opensource space was the announcement of Nokia to release their C++ cross-platform widget toolkit under LGPL. This is great and people now once more start to request a SWT-Port for … Continue reading

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