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Useing Qt to write Equinox-OSGi-UI-Applications

I saw I didn’t blogged since about 2 months. So I thought I’ll start a series of blog entries showing off new things and paths I’m exploring. I’ll start with a Technical Topic because it’s a really exciting thing I … Continue reading

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News on UFaceKit

IP-Review passed This is a great day in the short life of UFaceKit. We passed the initial IP-Review for our code base and I thank all the IP-Team for the great assistance and help to make our code base IP-clean. … Continue reading

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Getting started with UFaceKit and QT

QT and UFaceKit So the big news this week in opensource space was the announcement of Nokia to release their C++ cross-platform widget toolkit under LGPL. This is great and people now once more start to request a SWT-Port for … Continue reading

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Pimp your application L&F with UFaceKit

Does your application look like this or hopefully a bit better than this really ugly example?Making applications look nice and still not cluttering your code with these theming informations is something not provided out of the box by Eclipse. Still … Continue reading

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Where do you go (JFace)Viewers

The presence Today I thought about a problem of JFace-Viewers when it comes to clever memory management like it is provided for example by CDO. CDO has a very clever memory management concept where objects are swapped out of the … Continue reading

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News about UFacekit

There are some important news I’d like to share with all of you: 1. UFacekit Proposal The proposal is out and we hope some of you are interested in the targets and ideas we follow with UFacekit. If you are … Continue reading

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Update on UFacekit

UFacekit has a new source structure We have restructured the repository to clearly separate our modules into: proper: This holds stable and actively maintained modules – currently Swing and SWT implementations. Checking them out and compiling works always else it’s … Continue reading

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