News about UFacekit

There are some important news I’d like to share with all of you:

1. UFacekit Proposal

The proposal is out and we hope some of you are interested in the targets and ideas we follow with UFacekit. If you are please leave a note on the newly created newsgroup. Share your wishes, critism with us so that we can make UFacekit a success.

2. QT-Port

Just a few minutes ago I checked in a first running version of a QT-Port of the UFacekit-API. Besides providing this API we naturally provide bundles you can consume standalone (e.g. to only use a JFace-Viewer-API in QT-Jambi-Projects, …).

So we now have:

  • Support for SWT/JFace
  • Support for Swing
  • Support for QT (Cleanlooks Style)

Platforms I’d like to see a port in future:

  • GWT – is going to be revived soon by one of the team-members

    • GXT
    • Other UI-Toolkits based upon GWT

  • Eclipse-Forms – Should be fairly easy to do
  • Android – The first test suggest it is possible though we need to see if all widget types are available. Maybe we can only provide some viewer and UI-Observables but not a full fledged UFace-API

Platforms I dream of a port in future:

  • Draw2d
  • OpenGL
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