ESE 09 – My Slides

Back from ESE 09 – once more a nice event and got to know even more people. I was quite busy this year taking part in 5 Sessions so a short review from my side:

EMF Tutorial

I think Ed, Eike and me did a good job though there’ve been too many people so working through examples was not possible. The next time (EclipseCon 09) we need probably skip some parts. Beside that I think I could demostrate fairly good how flexible Eclipse-Databinding can be used in RCP-Applications.

E4 Symposia

Boris and me had many people in our symposia and I think we could explain those people our vision of e4 and how the internals are structured. Boris gave a short overview about the 20 things, how DI is working using the IEclipseContext and WebUI and I talked about our EMF-driven Application model and our flexible rendering story.
I think people start to get our point that E4 is a flexible Application Framework they can build any UI-Application (the UI technology doesn’t really matter) if you start accepting that rendering is just another service like it is the selection, logging, … service.

What’s in E4

This was an overview talk given by Boris, Kai, Hallvard, Yves and me on e4. I gave a short overview about the reasoning and how the application platform is designed around our EMF-Model. I think we could at least reduce the confusion in the community.

e4 in Detail – The model workbench and it’s possibilities

In this talk I tried to explain in more detail how the e4-application platform uses EMF, DI and the rendering services to create a flexible UI-Application. The slides are available here.

UFaceKit – A uniform UI development model for different UI and Runtime platforms

This was my last talk where I explain the reasons and various cool things you can with UFaceKit which since a week before can be optionally backed up by an Ecore-Model so that Application can developed (and of needed deployed) using EMF-Technologies. The slides are here.

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