News on UFaceKit

IP-Review passed

This is a great day in the short life of UFaceKit. We passed the initial IP-Review for our code base and I thank all the IP-Team for the great assistance and help to make our code base IP-clean.

Abstraction of Application-Bootstrapping

Until today the start up process of an application has been Toolkit specific (e.g. spinning the event-loop) this is now abstracted in a new interface called UIDesktop which can be compared to the mixture of SWT-Display and the Eclipse-Workbench.

This abstraction means that switching from SWT to QT means switching exactly one factory and that’s it. This new UIDesktop concept is also a result of discussing a potential OpenGL-Implementation of the UFaceKit-API with one of our employees.

public void startup(UIFactory factory) {
  UIDesktop desktop = factory.newDesktop();

  desktop.runWithDefaultRealm(new UIRunnable() {
    protected IStatus run(UIDesktop element) {
      return Status.OK_STATUS;

// Creating application with SWT
startup(new JFaceFactory());

// Creating application with QT
startup(new QTFactory());

A first real world application

One of our employees is rewritting our one of our applications using UFaceKit and is making good progress. Writing a real world applications helps us to fill the last missing gaps in API. Maybe I can already show an intial version of the application on EclipseCon 09 then people can see a real world application using UFaceKit + EMF + CDO in my talks:

By the way I’m nominated for 2 Eclipse-Awards

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2 Responses to News on UFaceKit

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Tom:
    I (and lots of others) am very impressed by the presentation of “The Mixing Eclipse Technologies to create Enterprise Ready Database-RCP-Frontends “, and tried to download the presentation slides from the gpuglication, however the slides show there is “Modeling the E4 Workbench”. Can you re-upload it?


  2. BomTom says:

    Hi Tom,
    a link to the presentation of the real life example or if real life example is opensource to the project hoster would be nice. So someone can get a feeling what’s possible when building an app on UFaceKit.

    Thanks Tom

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