e4 on JavaFX with the bnd-maven-plugin (with VS Code)

Just a few minutes ago I blogged about our future plans for e(fx)clipse and to show you that we take the things mentionned there really serious I can provide you an initial report on the first 2 points from the the list:

  • Freedom of development style
  • Freedom of development tool

Since its inception the way to develop “e4 on JavaFX” meant:

  • useage Eclipse PDE inside your Eclipse IDE
  • useage Maven-Tycho as the headless build system

We will start to change that and in the weeks to come!

First and most important

We won’t take away ANYTHING – if you want to use PDE and Tycho please do so – we are going to support that development style like did in the past!

The future is pure maven/gradle

I’ve played around a lot in the past weeks with Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Netbeans and VS Code to find what would work out best and I think I’ve reached a point where I can provide you some screenshots and screen casts.


In Eclipse all I need to develop my application is the m2e extension.


VS Code

To give me the extra kick I decided to give VS-Code and the Java-Extension from RedHat a shot.

The technology

Now that you have looked at the cool screen-cast let’s talk about the boring technology in the backend. We rely on 2 things:

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9 Responses to e4 on JavaFX with the bnd-maven-plugin (with VS Code)

  1. Marcelo Ruiz says:

    Hi Tom,
    Thanks for all the work you’re doing in e(fx)clipse. I am new to the Eclipse RCP (worked with NetBeans RCP in the past) and I am evaluating using e(fx)clipse for my next project. As far as I can tell, your project might be the only one providing a pure JavaFX framework with a window system for Desktop Applications. I foresee a great success for your project once it gets more attention from JavaFX developers. Congratulations!
    I was reading your post and couldn’t resist thinking your setup might be possible with Gradle. Could you please share the configuration you used for those tests? I would like to try to replicate it in NetBeans+Gradle.
    Also, do you think Eclipse will provide the e4 Model Editor as an independent maven project to be used in other IDEs?

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