QxWT and other cool stuff

As the blog title suggest I’ve uploaded a first release candidate for the QxWT which is going to be released on about a month.

The most important new features coming with this release:

  • Postprocessing to use qooxdoo toolchain
  • Support for Databinding

Beside this I am in need of a browser charting library and played around a bit with Raphael this weekend which also has a very tiny charting module which is released under MIT. Because of my QxWT-work I’m quite good now in writing JSNI-Wrappers and so I did that for Raphael. You can look at the result of this here.

The wrapper is released under EPL and LGPL and I guess QxWT will in cooperate this library in

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4 Responses to QxWT and other cool stuff

  1. OlegYch says:

    Any chance to see some kind of showcase for QxWT?

  2. Michael says:

    I’m following your work on Qooxdoo for a while. I wasn’t aware of Raphael at all – thanks for pointing me in that direction. As you write “the wrapper is released …” I was wondering where it is – wasn’t able to locate the code.

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