QxWT released

Following the release of qooxdoo 1.1 last week. I’ve updated the QxWT-Wrapper to use this version of qooxdoo. The transition was painless because qooxdoo didn’t break existing APIs.

QxWT doesn’t introduce new features or bugfixes because of the lack of time (e4 kept me busy) but naturally inherits bugfixes and speed enhancements from qooxdoo.

You can download the full release from this page or directly using this link always pointing to the latest version. I hope I can spend more time on QxWT but as said e4 is taking a lot of my free time and help fixing the not wrapped qooxdoo-API is naturally always welcome.

Take a look at the Showcases here to see how powerful QxWT in combination with qooxdoo is.

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