It’s release time – QxWT and GRaphael


At the start of the year I promised to release Version of QxWT at the end of Febuary and doing releases on time is one of the most important things so that people can start to trust into your project. You can download the released code from the project release website or directly through this link.

This release comes with the following major features:

  • Full support for Qooxdoo-Databinding
  • Advanced GWT-Features to e.g. Subclass JSNI-Wrappers and overload JavaScript methods in Java
  • Integration into the qooxdoo-Toolchain to create optimized JavaScript
  • Many bugfixes and not wrapped methods in
  • Integration of GRaphael to create advanced graphics, animations and charts ontop of SVG and VML using Raphael

The following features beside bugfixes are planned for the next release due in the end of April:

  • Wrapper:
    • Integrate into GWT-UI-Binder by allowing to adapt QxWT-Widgets
    • Integrate into GWT-RPC-Services
  • Eclipse-Tooling
    • Add Project Creation Support to easy setup a QxWT-Project
    • Add Support to control qooxdoo-Toolchain and create a deployable Application


To get support for advanced grapics and animation support I started writing a JSNI-Wrapper for Raphael. QxWT comes with an addon module which provides direct integration of GRaphael into QxWT-Applications. The wrapper is in it’s early stage and the API in the flow.

The current usage in QxWT looks like this:

QxRaphaelWidget widget = new QxRaphaelWidget(200, 200) {
  protected void init(RPaper paper) {
    RElement el = paper.image("/image.png", 50, 50, 100, 100);
    el.attr( new RAttribute("opacity", "0"));
    el.animate(1000, new RAttribute("opacity", "1.0"));				

Which creates an image whose opacity attribute is animated from 0 – 1.0 in 1 second, advanced transitions, gradients and much more are possible as well. You can download the released code from the project release website or or directly through this link.

A real world example

To show the potential of all this technologies I’m working on a real world example which simply allows a user to manage Photos, create Online-Presentations and in future also create printable PDF-Files (e.g. a calender, photo-album, …).

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2 Responses to It’s release time – QxWT and GRaphael

  1. Hi Tom

    I certainly miss a whole lot as I did no web work for years (but have some ahead). I a few words, what is the main benefit of using your qooxdoo binding compared to plain GWT?


    • tomeclipsedev says:

      GWT yet has a very limited set of widgets so you need to use another UI-Widgetset. There are others like SmartGWT and GXT who have the same focus.

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