QxWT – Realworld Demo

Tomorrow I’ll release QxWT as I promised at the start of the year. To show people the power of QxWT and what can be achieved by using it, in conjunction with Eclipse-Tools like EMF and Teneo, I wrote an example application on the last 2 weekends.

First of all using all those OpenSource-Technologies together to create an application is simply fun. It’s been a long time since i worked with Hibernate but with Teneo, I really only needed know EMF and learn to use 2 or 3 JPA-APIs to query for stuff. This shows something I told many people already. EMF is not only useable in RCP-Application, it doesn’t even depend on OSGi. I used it at the backend for the Hibernate integration in an ordinary Jetty-Servlet-Container.

The application looks like this:

  • Open a Image-Album
  • Overview of images in the album
  • Editing meta data to images
  • Creating a custom Online-Presentation
  • Running Presentation

The whole application is not completely ready, I hoped to be further but you can try it out:

The application uses the following opensource libs:

  • Frontend
    • QxWT (EPL/LPGL)/qooxdoo (EPL/LPGL)
    • GRaphael (LGPL/EPL)/Rapael (MIT)
  • Backend:
    • EMF+Teneo (EPL)
    • Hibernate (LGPL)
    • PostgreSQL (MIT)

I have not tested this thoroughly (I only took a look on Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera on Mac OS X – Opera seems to have issues with images) so please don’t expect to run everything 100%. The code of the example-application is part of my SVN-Repository but NOT released under an OSS-License! Still you can take a look and learn how to use the QxWT-API.

Things I plan to add in the weeks to come:

  • Finish current features and fixing bugs
  • Adding more presentation features (Image-Transition, Drop-Shadows, Animation, …) using more Features of Raphael
  • Print support to create printable Versions for Calendars, Photo-Books, …

So stay tuned for the release announcement of QxWT tomorrow where I’ll explain features coming with this release and features I plan to add in the next releases.

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3 Responses to QxWT – Realworld Demo

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  2. This looks really promising. Can you please add links to the projects which you use?

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