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Now that’s cool

If you are following my blog you may have noticed that I invested some hours this weekend in Eclipse-Databinding and GWT. It was Saturday in the evening when I got the Eclipse-Databinding working inside GWT and I started searching for … Continue reading

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Eclipse-Databinding 3.5 for GWT

I’m a big fan of GWT but one of the real pain points when developing GWT applications is that there’s no databinding framework [*] available to synchronize your domain objects and UI-Widgets. As many of you know I’m an even … Continue reading

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ed4g – Eclipse Databinding for GWT-Widgets 0.0.1

I finally did it. Based upon the plugins I’ve ported over from Eclipse to compile under GWT I setup a project that provides Observable implementations for GWT and MyGWT widgets but it is open for any other GWT-compatible widget-lib. A … Continue reading

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EMF + Databinding + GWT 1.5 – it works

Since the last time I blogged about the on going work to provide Eclipse-Core-Features for users of GWT some time has elapsed so I thought I should give you an update. Ed and Boris jumped on the train and try … Continue reading

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More details about Databinding and GWT

I promised in the morning that I’ll blog more details about giving GWT-Developers access to concepts provided by Eclipse. Currently my port provides: – Core-Databinding + PEMF-Observables (for standard values (no lists at the moment))– Support for Perspectives (untested but … Continue reading

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Doing RCP-Like programming with GWT

After having spent some time on GWT + Databinding I can now report success on porting over the Core-Databinding framework to GWT with fairly no changes from what is found in the Eclipse-CVS-Repository. But to do real programming in GWT … Continue reading

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The marriage of GWT with Eclipse-Technologies

I’m currently on the track to explore GWT and started just this morning with it. The first thing I found missing is something like the Viewers-Concept from JFace. I don’t want to learn new things if the one I’m familiar … Continue reading

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