Doing RCP-Like programming with GWT

After having spent some time on GWT + Databinding I can now report success on porting over the Core-Databinding framework to GWT with fairly no changes from what is found in the Eclipse-CVS-Repository.

But to do real programming in GWT there’s more you need (Views, Editors, Commands, Actions, …) so I’ve also taken over the other core ideas from Eclipse into a GWT-Lib I called gjface (it isn’t a straight port of the Eclipse-API currently because of the lack of time but it’s fairly usebable already).

I’ve also created a Demo-Application you can find here and if you are interested how this Application is created you can get the source from here. I have only tested it on Firefox so it might be that it’s not working on IE currently.

I’ll blog later today how this all works together but if you want to take an in depth look I’m at ESE!

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4 Responses to Doing RCP-Like programming with GWT

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tom,
    I started few month ago to implment in one project some eclipse concepts like perspectives, views, … but your implrmentation is far more beautiful than mine 🙂
    To have a complete framework, there is still one step to do ; use the Eclipse Rich Server plateform ( to mimics an WEB eclipse platform….
    best regards

  2. Anonymous says:

    hi tom,
    your work looks great.
    i have downloaded the sample code but the projects bestsolution-gjface.jar / bestsolution-core-PEMF.jar are missing.
    can you put all together for download ?

  3. Tom says:

    I’ll inform you when I have found a place to publish my work. The current problem is that you need a patched GWT-1.4 and modified Databinding-plugin.

  4. Claus says:

    thanks for the info ..

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