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QxWT explained Part 2

In my last blog post I started explaining how QxWT adopters get support from us in release (due end of February). We are going more into detail in this blog post. Let’s once more recap what we are trying … Continue reading

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Background to QxWT and GWT-Generator integration

One of the very nice feature of the GWT-Compiler is that one can plug oneself into it and create classes dynamically. At the last 2 evenings I digged a bit into it because I was in need of creating qooxdoo-class … Continue reading

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QxWT released

After releasing version in alignment with qooxdoo 1.0. I’ve worked in the last weeks on improving and fixing the QxWT experience for adopters. Release holds ~30 bugfixes and new features. The most important new features are: Support for … Continue reading

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QxWT released

Just like the qooxdoo-Team who today released Version 1.0 of their JavaScript library and are proud to annouce (see official announcement here) the availability of QxWT which exposes this fantastic JavaScript-framework to the GWT-community. I know that … Continue reading

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QxWT Released

I’m happy to announce the (yes 4 digit version) of QxWT. I decided to use a 4 digit version because then the first 3 digits reflect the qooxdoo version and the 4th is for bugfixes which are purely QxWT … Continue reading

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Release QxWT-0.8.2-RC2

One week after release of RC1. We’ve just published RC2 of the Qooxdoo-GWT-Wrapper QxWT. You can fetch the release from our project site. RC2 holds the following changes: Completed Qooxdoo-FX-Support 100% of the framework JavaDoc’ed (online) Removal of unneeded images … Continue reading

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Release QxWT-0.8.2-RC1

QxWT-0.8.2-rc1 I happy to announce that a first release candidate of the GWT-Wrapper for the Qooxdoo-Widget-Library can be downloaded from our project homepage. I started working on QxWT because I needed a GWT-Widget library providing me access to advanced controls … Continue reading

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Build for Databinding4GWT available

Following an discussion on where people stated that we don’t offer binary builds I sat down yesterday and wrote a short ant script to create binary builds people can consume out of the box easily. I didn’t use the … Continue reading

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Eclipse Databinding and QxWT

If you followed my blog closely you already know that I invested some time into makeing Eclipse Databinding available for GWT (as part of the Eclipse UFaceKit project) and because I couldn’t find a GWT-UI-Library who suited my needs I … Continue reading

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QxWT a wrapper for Qooxdoo-JS

In my last blogs I wrote about my current exploration of Qooxdoo and despite the silence since then I made a lot of good progress. I explored different things: Rewrite the whole library in plain-GWT: Doable but well a bit … Continue reading

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