QxWT released

After releasing version in alignment with qooxdoo 1.0. I’ve worked in the last weeks on improving and fixing the QxWT experience for adopters.

Release holds ~30 bugfixes and new features. The most important new features are:

  • Support for qooxdoo-Forms
  • Improved Table-Setup (back and forth conversion between Java and JavaScript is improved)
  • A frist start for databinding (but this is not finished yet)

I’ve also ported many of the qooxdoo-Demos to QxWT and you can use it as an example for getting started with QxWT beside that I plan to write a getting started guide to help you get started even quicker.

The next release of QxWT ( is scheduled for End of February 2010 and will hold finished support for qooxdoo-Databinding and improved runtime performance by leveraging the qooxdoo compiler and linker toolchain.

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2 Responses to QxWT released

  1. Greg Babcock says:

    Thanks for the tremendous contributions you have made to the JFace viewers, it has made them much easier and pleasant to work with.

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