QxWT released

Just like the qooxdoo-Team who today released Version 1.0 of their JavaScript library BestSolution.at and UFaceKit.org are proud to annouce (see official announcement here) the availability of QxWT which exposes this fantastic JavaScript-framework to the GWT-community.

I know that there’s a bunch of other GWT-UI-libraries but I think QxWT provides features not offered by other libraries available. For me and probably others the dual licensing under LGPL and EPL of both qooxdoo and QxWT is very important because this gives adopters the possibility to use it in commercial as well as opensource applications.

Though not the complete qooxdoo-API is wrapped in (~90% of the JavaScript-API available) one can write full featured GWT-Applications with the current set of provided APIs. Take a look at the set of QxWT-Demos available from here.

From a technical point of view QxWT is leveraging the GWT-JSNI calling interface to expose the qooxdoo-JavaScript-API to GWT-Java-Developers. The JS-API is reflected in most cases 1:1 to Java but is GWT/Java-nized in some situations (e.g. usage of Java-Enums, integration into the GWT-Event framework) to make the API more natural for Java-Devs.

Future plans for QxWT:

  • Wrap the rest of qooxdoo-JS-API
  • Improved runtime size by adding post processing step
  • Keep up-to-date with qooxdoo-Releases

To finish this release post I’d like to mention that the release of QxWT is going to build the foundation for other projects already in the queue, some of the available as opensource (like the UFaceKit-port for QxWT) others probably available under commercial licenses.

I hope you’ll give QxWT a spin and report back. Your findings and problems. To collect your feedback we’ve set up a QxWT-Forum.

The current sources are build and tested with GWT 2.0 but should in theory run as well on GWT >= 1.5 though I’d highly recommend the usage of GWT 2.0 because of the many improvements on GWT-Development.

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11 Responses to QxWT released

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  2. Hi Tom,

    congratulations for this release. You have done an awesome job over the last couple of weeks. Coming from a small prototype to an almost complete coverage of the qooxdoo API in so short time is BIG. I hope the Java/Eclipse community appreciates your work as much as the qooxdoo team does.

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  4. Alex Blewitt says:

    What’s up with the extra version number digit? Everyone’s using semantic versioning these days http://semver.org

    • tomeclipsedev says:

      The reason for the extra digit is that QxWT wraps qooxdoo which has 3-version digits. Now I decided that if I want to release pure QxWT fixes (and there are already some in the queue) I want the first 3-digits stay aligned with the qooxdoo release and make my fixes by incrementing the 4th. What would you suggest? Using the build-id instead and staying with 3 digits?

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  6. Arjun R says:

    “Improved runtime size by adding post processing step” – do you have any timeframe on when this will be implemented. Currently the size of the JS seems in in 2MB range and the ability to trim would be great. Can you shed any light on how you’re going to go about it. Perhaps users in the community can lend a hand.

    Can you also let us know how frequently QxWT will be synched with Qooxdoo? It seems like quite an error prone process.

    • tomeclipsedev says:

      Ad point 1: I’m not sure yet but I thought about some GWT-Generator which spits out stuff the qooxdoo-build suite uses as input for the optimized JavaScript but I need to explore and learn how one can make the GWT-Compiler generate code. Help on this is certainly appreciated. I’ve logged https://bugs.tomsondev.com/mantis/view.php?id=81 to track progress on this.

      Ad point 2: I’ll plan stay up to date with qooxdoo-svn-trunk and sync with them every 1-2 weeks. I’m currently working on wrapper bugfixes I discovered since the release including new features not wrapped in The work is currently done in trunk but once i start syncing with qooxdoo-head I’ll open an extra branch for 1.0.0.x.

      If you discover bugs please report them at https://bugs.tomsondev.com/mantis/ and I’m going to address them ASAP.

  7. dumi says:


    Great job! I was having the same idea, but you moved faster :))

    Have you considered to publish this project (QxWT) on http://code.google.com/projecthosting/ or sourceforge.net? Some of us are very interested in using it in UI development. Moreover, we have experience with QooxDoo and GWT 2.0

    Or maybe you can create on your SVN some entires/users for those who want to contribute/help on it.


    • tomeclipsedev says:

      The code is on “my” private OSS-Server and I have no intention to move it to sf or code-google because on this server I can control everything my own:

      If you want to contribute you can contact me offline at tom dot schindl (at) bestsolution.at or via skype my userid is tomsontomtom. Can you give me hints on what areas you’d like to work on? I started experimenting with GWT-Code-Generation to provide input for the qooxdoo-toolchain to minimize the used qooxdoo-code but there are other areas we could improve as well (I think of how table/trees work now is not 100% ideal). So please contact me offline and we can see how we can collaborate.

      Once Eclipse-Git-Tooling is more stable and commonly adopted I’ll hope to move the code to git someday. Maybe providing a git-clone until then for the community to play around is a good idea. BTW I plan to release some time before new years day which arlready holds some fixes to bugs I discovered by porting more and more examples.

      Afterwards I’ll start working on the code optimization stuff for qooxdoo so that I don’t have to send all qooxdoo-JS to the client and align with the qooxdoo-trunk.

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