Looking back and into the future – Part I

Part I – The Validation

I thought today that I’ll look back on my work in Eclipse space and the final summary is double-edged. There are some things I think I made a good job in the Eclipse Ecosystem, some where my performance was acceptable and some where I can completely failed.

This is my personal report card for 2009 (in no particular order):

  • Telling people about e4 and that it’s not only about bringing Eclipse to the web TOTAL SUCCESS
  • Finding a business model for investing time into coding for e4 (I think that some interesting things won’t be part of e4 1.0 but well that’s something I can’t change). I think I can count my commits on 2 hands TOTAL FAILURE
  • Bringing qooxdoo to Java developers through QxWT TOTAL SUCCESS
  • Getting out a build of UFaceKit and nearing release 1.0.0 of the SWT-Port PARTIAL SUCCESS
  • Advertising Eclipse Databinding and porting it to EMF PARTIAL SUCCESS
  • Finding the time to work on 3.x (when reading blogs like this from Eugene Ostroukhov my willingness to invest spare time on it is equal to 0) TOTAL FAILURE
  • Getting Nebula back into a better state and release 1.0.0 of some really mature widgets PARTIAL SUCCESS
  • Taking part in the Eclipse Architectual Council TOTAL FAILURE
  • Answering question on eclipse.platform.swt, eclipse.platform, eclipse.platform.jface, … SUCCESS (if one can talk about success here)

Looking at this report you can see that from my personal feeling it was quite a intermingled year and that some actions need to be taken to get a better report next year.

I haven’t made up those points before writing this summary so it’s probably too early to draw conclusions but looking at the above I guess I’m going to step back from some of the positions (3.x committer ship, nebula-project lead, newsgroup-support on platform.* and e4 committer ship come to my mind) I filled in the Eclipse Ecosystem.

A more in depth look on possible moves and impacts they might have is going to be part of Part II of this blog series in few days.

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3 Responses to Looking back and into the future – Part I

  1. Thanks for your hard work in getting e4 off the ground Tom.

  2. Lars Vogel says:

    I would also like to thank you for your great work in the Eclipse universe.

  3. I also would like to thank you for the precious effort into the Eclipse ecosystem.
    In particular we love your work on Databinding of EMF Resources and consider fundamental your contribution to e4.

    Vincenzo Caselli
    RCP Vision

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