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e4 – Relation between Eclipse 4.1 and XWT

Today someone approach me and his introduction statement was that he’s interested in XWT and was told that Eclipse 4.1 is built upon XWT. I’ll restate the same I’ve stated in all of my talks: XWT is a technology developed … Continue reading

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e4 – More News from ModelTooling

Some weeks ago I’ve blogged about some new features I’ve added to the e4-ModelTooling. The soon declared 4.1M6 release will hold some more features I’d like to present to you in this blog entry. Control Finder If you are interested … Continue reading

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e4 – Use Eclipse 4.1 Application Platform but not SWT

So the title already says what this Blog-Post is about. It will talk about the possibility to use the Eclipse 4.1 Application Platform without using SWT to develop your UI-Components. Already the initial designs of Eclipse 4.x splitted the codebase … Continue reading

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e4 – News from ModelTooling

It’s been a very long time since I’ve blogged about my work on the e4 model tooling front but this does not mean nothing happened. I think I have some interesting news to share on features I’ve implemented: Edit/View XMI-File … Continue reading

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Enhanced RCP: How views can communicate – The e4 way

Some weeks ago I published how views can communicate using the EventAdmin-Service. To get things working in an 3.x application one has to write some glue code but more importantly one has to know about all those nifty things about … Continue reading

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Slides from my latest Talks

I’ve been given some talks about Eclipse 4.0/4.1 lately. For those interested here are the slides: ESE 2010 – “The way to Eclipse 4.0 and 4.1” together with Boris Bokowski ESE 2010 – “Adopt the e4 progamming model in Eclipse … Continue reading

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Navigating/Querying EMF-Models using XPath

To make the new e4 way of building a complete model from small model pieces – named fragments – more flexible in 4.1, I’ve been developing a JXPath extension which works ontop of the reflective EMF-API. I know that there’s … Continue reading

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Article about e4 online

Back in March Boris Bokowski and myself wrote an article about the e4 workbench model. The article has now been published online (it is written in German but probably google-translate at least gives others an idea what we are talking … Continue reading

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ESE 2010, e4 and my submissions

The submission deadline for ESE 2010 is over and there are many many submission. Let me first of all talk about my submissions: Adopt the e4 progamming model in Eclipse >= 3.6 This talk discusses how you can make single … Continue reading

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Eclipse 4.0 – So you can theme me Part 1

One of the nice things of Eclipse 4.0 is that you can change its Look & Feel using CSS. In this blog post you’ll learn how you can write your own theme and use it in our workbench. The Eclipse … Continue reading

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