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Writing IEclipseContext-less code

The problem The IEclipseContext is the center of the the e4 DI system. One can think of it as observable hierarchical key-value map. One of the major idea of e4 was that people should write code which does not depend … Continue reading

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@Active in e4

Having discussed yesterday with Alex Blewitt and Lars Vogel on what @Active is I thought it might make sense to explain it in a short blog post. Let’s start with the question Alex posted on twitter: “Which is preferable; using … Continue reading

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e(fx)clipse 0.8.0 released

It’s been a long time since the last release (end of September 2012). I’m happy to announce that we’ve just released e(fx)clipse 0.8.0 to the public. You can download it from our server! Make sure you run your Eclipse instance … Continue reading

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Eclipse 4 L&F on Linux

I’ve read some reports from people who don’t like the new L&F. I don’t want to discuss this what I’d like to present you is how you can get the old L&F almost back. The default answer you’ll get is … Continue reading

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So you used internal API

Inspired by a question that was asked twiced on the newsgroup about internal “API” that is missing in Eclipse 4.x although the feature is still there when interacting with the IDE The API in question was: … I needed an … Continue reading

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Why is Eclipse 4 better than Eclipse 3

So there are many people around asking themselves why the hell did they rewrite the whole foundation of the Eclipse SDK while I as a user of the SDK don’t gain any benefits on first sight. I’m try to collect … Continue reading

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e(fx)clipse 0.0.8 released

Another few weeks have passed and here is a new release of e(fx)clipse. There are not many new features but the stuff available already has been improved. Let’s look at the most important things one by one: e(fx)clipse now has … Continue reading

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