e4 – More News from ModelTooling

Some weeks ago I’ve blogged about some new features I’ve added to the e4-ModelTooling. The soon declared 4.1M6 release will hold some more features I’d like to present to you in this blog entry.

Control Finder

If you are interested into which widget the rendering engine turned a specific model element into and where it is rendered on the screen there’s now support to find this out.

Widget Tree Browser

The widget browser allows you to completely inspect the widget tree of the running applications. Together with the introduced Control-Finder those 2 utilities will help developer to inspect, debug and ultimately better understand and control applications built upon the Eclipse 4.0 Application Platform.

Scripting Support

In contrast to the 2 features above who allow developers to inspect the applications this feature give developers the power to interact with the running application using a scripting language like JavaScript, Groovy, … .

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