ESE 2010, e4 and my submissions

The submission deadline for ESE 2010 is over and there are many many submission. Let me first of all talk about my submissions:

  • Adopt the e4 progamming model in Eclipse >= 3.6
    This talk discusses how you can make single sourcing for Eclipse 4.0 and Eclipse 3.6 happen without the use of backwards compat layer coming with Eclipse 4.0
  • Can developers adopt e4-RCP for Swing Applications?
    This talk discusses how Eclipse Application Platform 4.0 can be used with other UI-Technologies (e.g. Swing)
  • The way to Eclipse 4.0 and 4.1
    In this talk Boris Bokowski and myself will you provide a summary of the last 2 years of on going development of Eclipse 4. Things we achieved, things we failed, things we work on for Eclipse 4.1.
  • Eclipse 4.0 Hackfest
    If you want to discuss Eclipse 4 with others and some of the committers on the project. I think this is the right thing for you.

Beside that I’m really amazed by the number of talks who are filed under the Eclipse 4.0 category. What I like most is that the submission are not only from Eclipse 4.0 committers (of course many of them are) but also from early adopters (like The thrill of migrating a mission-critical RCP-application to E4: lessons learned from Jürgen Baier) and framework developers like Christian Campo – Riena on e4 aka “RCP 2.0” and Matthias Zimmermann & Andreas Hoegger – Eclipse Scout “Querbeet”, tooling provides like Stephane Begaudeau & Jonathan Musset – Acceleo Code Generator, an experimental transition to e4 to people who apply Eclipse 4.0 technologies in none UI-Environments like Gunnar Wagenknecht – Hot e4 stuff for building cool server applications

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