e(fx)clipse 1.0 – New Features – Consume Non-OSGi-Artifacts from a maven repository

e(fx)clipse 1.0.0 is just around the corner and scheduled to be released on August 15th, while we are polishing the final bits, the Eclipse IP-Team checks our IP-Log, … .

I’d like to introduce you the new and exiting features that we worked on in the last months since we released 0.9.0 in February.

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Consume Non-OSGi-Artifacts from a maven repository

All of our runtime artifacts are OSGi-Bundles and we publish them as a p2 repository (in future I also plan to publish an OBR but that’s something for 1.1) nevertheless some of them do not require OSGi at all and can be used in plain JavaFX applications so we decided to publish them as well to a Nexus-Repository so that you can consume the following artifacts (including all dependencies) from there:

  • org.eclipse.fx.ui.panes: Additional layout panes you know from SWT
  • org.eclipse.fx.ui.controls: Adds some custom controls we’ve developed like e.g. a TabPane who supports Drag and Drop, the StyledText control and some more addons
  • org.eclipse.fx.core.fxml: Holds some addons needed when you are using our FXML to Java translator
  • org.eclipse.fx.core.databinding: Integration layer between Eclipse Databinding and JavaFX-Properties
  • org.eclipse.fx.ui.animation: Some basic animations, nothing fancy but a nice addon for your applications
  • org.eclipse.fx.ui.databinding: Integration between Eclipse Databinding and JavaFX UI Components

Useage is fairly simple all you need to do is to add the efxclipse-Nexus repository to your pom.xml, e.g. to make use of our additional layout panes all you need to to is:

<project xmlns="http://maven.apache.org/POM/4.0.0" ....>

  <!-- ... -->


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