e(fx)clipse 1.0 – New Features – Drag and Drop for e4/JavaFX applications

e(fx)clipse 1.0.0 is just around the corner and scheduled to be released on August 15th, while we are polishing the final bits, the Eclipse IP-Team checks our IP-Log, … .

I’d like to introduce you the new and exiting features that we worked on in the last months since we released 0.9.0 in February.

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Drag and Drop for e4/JavaFX applications

One of the major missing features of the the e4 JavaFX Runtime Platform was the missing support for Drag and Drop to reorder, reparent and split PartStacks using DnD. I’m happy that we managed to get in those missing feature into the 1.0 release and that we are in the process of moveing our implementation to OpenJFX so that others get this support in 8u40 as well.

The cool thing is that you can customize the DnD feedback using

  1. CSS to control colors, …
  2. org.eclipse.fx.ui.workbench.renderers.base.services.DnDFeedbackService if you need more control over the feedback

The default implementation provides feedback like this:

  • Reorder Feedback
  • Reparent Feedback
  • Split Feedback

Not yet supported is detaching a Tab to a floating window but we’ll hopefully get that support into the next release. In case you e.g. don’t like the colors used you are able modify them in your CSS-File.

.tab-outline-marker {
	-fx-fill: green;

.position-marker {
	-fx-fill: darkmagenta;

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