This somehow looks familiar – Kepler SR1 on SWTonFX

I know it looks completely crashed but well this is what you get when running Kepler on SWT port which delegates to JavaFX.


So there’s still a long long long way to go but to me this screenshot marks a huge break through. I could certainly need some help. So we opensourced or current port at

Our current plan is to integrate it in the next few weeks into the e(fx)clipse project – where it originated from before we moved the code to

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6 Responses to This somehow looks familiar – Kepler SR1 on SWTonFX

  1. René says:

    Hi Tom,

    this looks really, really great and I would like to help you. Is there a plan from where I can pick a part to fix? I’m ust asking because I don’t want to start working on a thing and somebody else starts on the same thing too.


  2. Thank you so much, Tom. I started learning JavaFX on NetBeans but went to e(fx)clipse as my brain couldn’t handle NetBeans IDE behaviour. I want your effort to be successful so that I don’t have to learn all about JavFX.

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