SWT on JavaFX is now at part of e(fx)clipse

I’ve already outlined in one of my posts about SWT on FX that we are contributing our work on the port to Eclipse.org.

We decided not to contribute it to the SWT project but work on it inside e(fx)clipse. There are multiple reason for this and we are not totally against moving the sources to SWT one day but for now we are proceeding as part of e(fx)clipse.

I’m happy to announce before EclipseConNA 2014 that we’ve passed the initial IP review successfully and our code is no part of the e(fx)clipse git repo.

Please note that SWT on JavaFX is NOT on the official roadmap for 1.0 which will be our first stable release targeted for June 2014 simply don’t have the resources to make the implementation production ready.

Since the last screenshot published I’ve made some progress on rendering the IDE (this time it is Luna M6 on SWT on JavaFX)

If you have questions, want to provide feedback or even sponsor the development of the SWT on JavaFX port you’ll find me next week in wonderful California at EclipseConNA 2014 where I’m also presenting some JavaFX related talks & tutorials:

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