e(fx)clipse runtime recipes

This is just a short notice to all user of e(fx)clipse runtime bundles. e(fx)clipse runtime provides many cool features most people don’t know about yet (e.g. our DI support for FXML-Controllers, the adapter system, …). So I started collecting them in our wiki at https://wiki.eclipse.org/Efxclipse/Runtime/Recipes.

Some of them are not bound to JavaFX, like our logging support, the adapter system and the @ContextValue annotation. I’m sure there’s more. If you have a recipe how you solved a common problem with e(fx)clipse runtime feel free to contribute.

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2 Responses to e(fx)clipse runtime recipes

  1. René says:

    Hi Tom,

    great idea to provide such a wiki.

    Quick question for “Extending the AdapterService with an AdapterProvider”: Can the source and target class be part of the DS registration too? Which means, can they be mentioned as a service property for faster election of the provider via a service filter, or do you use an internal mapping for finding correct AdapterProvider?

    And another small Question about injection of OSGi services: Why isn’t there already an annotation which allows me to define a filter for selecting the correct/particular service (e.g.: @ServiceFilter( “(my.service.property=42)” ) )? Because as you’ve already noticed in the wiki there could be multiple services which implement a particular interface and the only chance to get the correct one is by specifying a higher service.ranking. This annotation would allow you to define your own properties on which you want to rely on.


    • Tom Schindl says:

      ad 1. I use an internal Map for fast look ups
      ad 2. if you file a bug report I think adding an @ServiceFilter annotation is possible – there are pros and cons about adding such a thing but the blog is the wrong area to discuss this

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