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Ganymede – What’s in JFace and Databinding

The History JFace-Viewers/ToolTips In 3.3 the whole Viewer-Infrastructur has been reworked to make it easier to add new features in upcoming releases. Some new features where part of 3.3 (e.g. LabelProvider/Column, CellNavigation, Customizable-Editor). Additionally JFace opened up its viewers for … Continue reading

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Branding for Windows (How to create .ico files automatically)

After some time not having developed for Win32. I today had to brand a small RCP-application and once more completely forgot how to create this “Programm Launcher icon” using opensource tools. So I thought I have to restore this information … Continue reading

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Why do developers need Code-Snippets

Many of you may already have noticed that we started a Snippet collection for JFace-Elements like the one you know from SWT. Yesterday I updated the wiki-page to show all snippets with a short description. Are Snippets only something we … Continue reading

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Splash-Screen and Threads

Today I thought it would make my application look much more professional if the login-dialog is part of the splash-screen. The new extension point added in eclipse makes this possible and even provided an template implementation I could use without … Continue reading

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New JFace API is in place

After ~8 months of work we checked in the new JFace-API with many exciting features in to CVS just a few hours ago. To see how powerful this new API is take a look at the this snippet. Test it … Continue reading

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TableViewers and Nativelooking Checkboxes

Many of us have faced the same problem that if you needed to use checkboxes in your TableViewer/TreeViewer they look not native because they are pictures. I had some free minutes and thought that it’s time to create a LabelProvider … Continue reading

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The new faces of JFace (part2)

The last time I showed you the new programming model we introduced to JFace to make it feel like programming SWT. But has this been the only reason that we decided to add this new API beside the existing one … Continue reading

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