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Rotating Image in a PaintListener

For those who have a better understanding of matrices and 2-D graphics this may sound strange but today I struggeled about 2 hours rotating an image in a PaintListener. Let me first of explain the exercise I had to solve, … Continue reading

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Disable parts SWT-Table/Tree with SWT.CHECK

This is a hack, a hack, a hack posting. I have read many many entries on the newsgroups asking a question like this: How can I disable certain check boxes in an SWT-Tree/Table. Is this possible? The standard answer to … Continue reading

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Exploring new technologies part of Ganymede-Release Train

I took myself some time the last days exploring new technologies available with Ganymede 3.4: Eclipse-Databinding and its new features EMF-Databinding (Provisional but working very smoothly) Teneo: Persist your model via hibernate in a SQL-Database CDO: Share your model between … Continue reading

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Writing a CTreeCombo-Widget

I was working on my example RCP/EMF/Databinding application I’m going to use to present various parts of those technologies to my co-workers and getting familiar with new technologies like CDO, Teneo, Spring and others when I hit the problem that … Continue reading

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Ganymede – What’s in JFace and Databinding

The History JFace-Viewers/ToolTips In 3.3 the whole Viewer-Infrastructur has been reworked to make it easier to add new features in upcoming releases. Some new features where part of 3.3 (e.g. LabelProvider/Column, CellNavigation, Customizable-Editor). Additionally JFace opened up its viewers for … Continue reading

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Branding for Windows (How to create .ico files automatically)

After some time not having developed for Win32. I today had to brand a small RCP-application and once more completely forgot how to create this “Programm Launcher icon” using opensource tools. So I thought I have to restore this information … Continue reading

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Why do developers need Code-Snippets

Many of you may already have noticed that we started a Snippet collection for JFace-Elements like the one you know from SWT. Yesterday I updated the wiki-page to show all snippets with a short description. Are Snippets only something we … Continue reading

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Splash-Screen and Threads

Today I thought it would make my application look much more professional if the login-dialog is part of the splash-screen. The new extension point added in eclipse makes this possible and even provided an template implementation I could use without … Continue reading

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New JFace API is in place

After ~8 months of work we checked in the new JFace-API with many exciting features in to CVS just a few hours ago. To see how powerful this new API is take a look at the this snippet. Test it … Continue reading

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TableViewers and Nativelooking Checkboxes

Many of us have faced the same problem that if you needed to use checkboxes in your TableViewer/TreeViewer they look not native because they are pictures. I had some free minutes and thought that it’s time to create a LabelProvider … Continue reading

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