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Enhanced RCP: Usage of TitleAreDialogSupport

Eclipse Databinding comes with many utility classes and one of them is TitleAreaDialogSupport which can be used to show validation errors when running in an TitleAreaDialog. But the default implementation has some missing features: Once a validation error is shown … Continue reading

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Improvement Properties-Editor

I’ve lately worked a lot with property files and what always bothered me was that there was no Outline-View shown for it like it is e.g. for the Java-Files. Typically properties-File e.g. for translations are structured in a hierarchical way … Continue reading

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Enhanced RCP: How views can communicate

I’ve often seen the question in the eclipse newsgroups when it comes to view communication. People often face the problem that their views have to communicate with each other informing about state changes (selection changes are published best through ISelectionService). … Continue reading

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Rotating Image in a PaintListener

For those who have a better understanding of matrices and 2-D graphics this may sound strange but today I struggeled about 2 hours rotating an image in a PaintListener. Let me first of explain the exercise I had to solve, … Continue reading

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Disable parts SWT-Table/Tree with SWT.CHECK

This is a hack, a hack, a hack posting. I have read many many entries on the newsgroups asking a question like this: How can I disable certain check boxes in an SWT-Tree/Table. Is this possible? The standard answer to … Continue reading

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Exploring new technologies part of Ganymede-Release Train

I took myself some time the last days exploring new technologies available with Ganymede 3.4: Eclipse-Databinding and its new features EMF-Databinding (Provisional but working very smoothly) Teneo: Persist your model via hibernate in a SQL-Database CDO: Share your model between … Continue reading

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Writing a CTreeCombo-Widget

I was working on my example RCP/EMF/Databinding application I’m going to use to present various parts of those technologies to my co-workers and getting familiar with new technologies like CDO, Teneo, Spring and others when I hit the problem that … Continue reading

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