Viewer-Features form 3.3 in Eclipse-3.2

There are many many exciting features added in 3.3 cycle to jface but many people need a solution now and not in 3.3-Timeframe. I myself have a need for some of those feature so I started back-porting them which is at the moment not really hard because at the moment JFace-Viewers doesn’t use anything not available in 3.2-sources.

I decided to make them publicly available because I think many also have a need for them. So for those who want to use exciting features added in 3.3 can fetch the sources at in my companies SVN-Directory. Don’t forget to do your own QA to ensure everything is working as expected. If you find bugs you can file them to my companies bug-tracking system at and I’ll try to incooperate them in eclipse bug-tracking system providing a patch for current HEAD-Trunk of CVS.

Before releasing a first version I’m trying to get the patches to 3.3-CVS-HEAD:

The current features/bug fixes against 3.2:

This project will only continue until 3.3 is out afterwards people will need to recompile their code replacing at.bestsolution.jface32.* through org.eclipse.jface.*.

At the end please note the following things:

  • this is nothing official from Eclipse and I only thought that there are maybe others who have the same needs than I have.
  • There’s a great likelihood that new API added in 3.3 at some point will change while 3.3 evolves so the API you find now is maybe a subject to change in the next release.
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2 Responses to Viewer-Features form 3.3 in Eclipse-3.2

  1. Greg Babcock says:

    Tom, I want to thank you for all the work you have done on the JFace Viewers. I have implemented the custom tooltips (nice implementation) but have not been able to find the EditorActivationStrategy class to implement double click editing, or figure out how to get tabbing to work.

    Is tabbing and double click editing going to be supported in 3.3M5 ?

  2. Tom says:

    greg I haven’t back ported the changes for a long time now to 3.2. We also have changed ToolTip usage for Viewers in M6.
    Tab-Editing is already available in M5 but please wait for M6 because this will also change in M6. The bugs you can attach yourself are:

    If the last bug is integrate you’ll have an Excel like TableViewer which allows all things you waited for a long long time 🙂 If you are interested in the new API please also take a look at the various snippets we have in CVS:

    You can also test Tabbing there but as said this is likely to change!

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