e(fx)clipse 0.8.1 released

We are happy to announce that e(fx)clipse 0.8.1 is available. This is most likely the last release we’ll provide outside from Eclipse.org. Let’s go straight to the New & Noteworth.

All in one downloads

Updated to the latest and greatest up-stream projects (Eclipse 4.2.2/3.8.2, WTP 3.4.2, egit 2.3.1). The WTP-Update holds fixes for the FXML-Editor we’ve developed with the Upstream project committers and the Eclipse 4.2.2 Platform fixes many of the performance problems people have been having.


Kepler Support

The tooling now installs into Kepler M5 and there we make use of new API we’ve developed with the PDE-Team. We are not yet providing All-In-One downloads and we are not testing the tooling in Kepler but this is going to one of the main targets for the next iteration (0.9.0).


Since JDK8 b75 JavaFX is on the extension classpath which e(fx)clipse now detects appropriately in plain Java-Projects and PDE-Projects. The only problem as of now is dealing with the JavaDoc which will be solved with Kepler M6 where JDT-Launching will provide us new API to contribute JavaDoc and Source Locations for entries of the JRE-Container. We’ve not yet decided whether we can backport this support to Juno and how we could do it.


The CSS-Editor is not context sensitive and if it e.g. detects that you are editing the styles of a BorderPane it only shows the styles applicable for it.


I’ve blogged in more detail already.


To help you detecting errornous @FXML annotations in your controller methods we’ve made the ECJ a bit smarter delivering a warning if the arguments in @FXML annotated methods is not of type javafx.event.Event.



At runtime we now support Java8 b75 and above where JavaFX is on the extension classpath and starting with this we are now also compatible with ScenicView so that you can inspect your applications from the outside with it.

e4 support


Since some time we already support animations for perspective switching. Starting with this release we also support animations for window show/hide. You can see both of them in action in a demo applications I’m currently working on.

View Toolbar/Menu-Support

We’ve added support for View Toolbar and View Menus like you know them from e4 on SWT


If you are reading my blog you know that I’ve been working a lot on getting a StyledTextArea up and running for JavaFX while the widget itself is not yet included into the build and downloads it’s been one of my major working areas in this iteration and I think what we’ve already achieved in this short timeframe is amazing.

Development Target Platform

To make it as simple as possible to develop JavaFX-OSGi-Application we are now building a complete target platform for you including bits from eclipse.org and efxclipse-runtime bundles. Simply point your target platform and tycho build to http://downloads.efxclipse.org/p2-repos/dev/releases/latest/ and you are done.


We’ve made a lot of bugfixes like unrendering of perspectives and many many more small things.

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