Build an intelligent code editor with JavaFX and JDT

If you followed my blog in the last weeks you know that I’ve been working on a StyledText-Control which allows one to build a source-code editor with syntax highlighting, … .

With basic syntax highlighting you can already achieve a good results because you can highlight things like keywords, String-Literals, … . Still if you are used to e.g. the JDT sourcecode editor you know it e.g. highlights fields – this is called semantic highlighting and because it involves some time to run the compiler to find out semantic informations this is done in the background.

So I started and ported more parts of the Eclipse-Text and JDT-Infrastructure


Highlighting is nice but a more important feature is auto-complete and so I ported more and more of the JDT-UI infrastructure and the result in shown in the video below which shows a prototype of an IDE I’m working on for my EclipseCon talk.

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10 Responses to Build an intelligent code editor with JavaFX and JDT

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  2. John Steele says:

    This is really awesome! Nice work Tom. I hope JavaFx gains traction and companies start using it in lieu of SWT for rendering.

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  4. I’m very interested in this. I see the repo at.bestsolution.efxclipse.styledtext but is there available the source for your small IDE. I want to see how styledtext is used, test examples.

  5. Hi, ive tried to build the fx-ide from github with maven but got some errors. Can you please add an small guide to build it.

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