Vienna DemoCamp

Amazing. Yes it was really amazing to see how much Eclipse-RCP is used in Austria. I got in touch with many people and talked with them about e4 and the vision behind it.

Many of them said that the flexible theming and rendering is something they really need to use Eclipse-RCP-Technology as their target platform (even fairly conservative ones like banks) else the pressure from RIA-Platforms like Silverlight and Flex is getting too big.

My 10 minute presentation was quite well received and I enjoyed my time in Vienna and looking forward now to next demo camp in Hamburg.

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  1. Peter Kofler says:

    […] The last presentation of the first block was about e4, the future platform of Eclipse, given by well known Eclipse committer Tom Schindl. Tom is probably one of the most motivated Eclipse enthusiasts. You can feel the fire burning in him when he’s talking about his work, very stimulating. […]

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