On DemoCamp-Tour

I’m on the road since yesterday for a week of DemoCamps. The first one is in my homelands capital Vienna on Monday 30th of (M)November and the second one in Hamburg on Firday 4th of December the month following (M)November.

Looking at the number of people registered (77! people in Vienna and 101! people in Hamburg) I think those 2 events (as well as all other DemoCamps all over the world) are a good opportunity to meet people who are not at the big conferences. I’ll spread the word a bit about e4 and show people why we believe in it, what we did and what we plan to do until the 1.0 ships. So it is not late to sign up for the free DemoCamps and meet people of the Eclipse Hall of Fame like Chris Aniszczyk and Jeff McAffer for example in Vienna.

Speaking about presentations I submitted a talk/tutorial proposal for EclipseCon 2010. The deadline for proposals is 20 days from now so don’t miss it and submit your proposal so that people can give feedback which helps the program committee to choose your talk.

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