QxWT released

Just like the qooxdoo-Team who today released Version 1.0 of their JavaScript library BestSolution.at and UFaceKit.org are proud to annouce (see official announcement here) the availability of QxWT which exposes this fantastic JavaScript-framework to the GWT-community.

I know that there’s a bunch of other GWT-UI-libraries but I think QxWT provides features not offered by other libraries available. For me and probably others the dual licensing under LGPL and EPL of both qooxdoo and QxWT is very important because this gives adopters the possibility to use it in commercial as well as opensource applications.

Though not the complete qooxdoo-API is wrapped in (~90% of the JavaScript-API available) one can write full featured GWT-Applications with the current set of provided APIs. Take a look at the set of QxWT-Demos available from here.

From a technical point of view QxWT is leveraging the GWT-JSNI calling interface to expose the qooxdoo-JavaScript-API to GWT-Java-Developers. The JS-API is reflected in most cases 1:1 to Java but is GWT/Java-nized in some situations (e.g. usage of Java-Enums, integration into the GWT-Event framework) to make the API more natural for Java-Devs.

Future plans for QxWT:

  • Wrap the rest of qooxdoo-JS-API
  • Improved runtime size by adding post processing step
  • Keep up-to-date with qooxdoo-Releases

To finish this release post I’d like to mention that the release of QxWT is going to build the foundation for other projects already in the queue, some of the available as opensource (like the UFaceKit-port for QxWT) others probably available under commercial licenses.

I hope you’ll give QxWT a spin and report back. Your findings and problems. To collect your feedback we’ve set up a QxWT-Forum.

The current sources are build and tested with GWT 2.0 but should in theory run as well on GWT >= 1.5 though I’d highly recommend the usage of GWT 2.0 because of the many improvements on GWT-Development.

e4 – some random thoughts (2nd iteration)

At the Vienna DemoCamp it once more became apparent how important e4 is going to be to not loose the whole “Eclipse RCP” market segement. I already blogged some time ago about the problems I have to justify spending workhours on e4.

After the Vienna DemoCamp I reread my blog and restarted a discussion in my own company how I could spend work time on it. The problem is that my company is quite small and it is impossible to let me work on e4 without gaining any money but my two collegues (we are 3 people owning the company + 4 employees) made the offer that for every payed work hours I could allocate for e4-development work we’ll add 50% as our investment which means for every hour I could get sponsorship I could work 1.5 hours on e4 in my worktime.

Now I don’t know how likely it is that I could find sponsors for at least an hour but I want to blog about this possibility because say I manage (because of what ever reason) to get payed for 2 days I could spend 3.

The questions are:

  • Why you should at least spend one penny/cent/… for e4 and/or the core platform so I repeat it once more:

    If you care about Eclipse Technologies in RCP-Space you might get in touch with e4 (contribute, make someone contribute on behalf of you, …) and make it as powerful as possible else you’ll be outperformed by other platforms even in the short term.

    Naturally this is my personal opinion but I worked with some of the competitors in the last weeks and though they are not there yet they’ll be in 1.5 years when e4 1.1 is going to be released. So if some feature you desperately need is not in e4 1.0 you are in trouble because you won’t get it until August 2011.
  • Why should you spend the money on me?
    • You get 50% more than you pay – not a too bad deal, right?
    • I’m a committer already, I know the code base, I know the dev team and they know me. So I could be productive starting from day 1

I would have told this above at the DemoCamp in Hamburg but because of bad wheather conditions in Austria I’m not able to make it there. So while this is probably not the ideal forum with the lack of others I wrote this blog.

Hamburg DemoCamp without me

As nice as it is to live in the center of the alps as bad it can be. We’ve been waiting for snow now for more than 1 month and guess what happened this night? It started snowing and so all flight from Innsbruck got canceled.

So the demo camp will happen without me which really makes me sad because I would have enjoyed meeting new people and presenting them e4.

At least here are the Slides I would have used for the presentation.

Vienna DemoCamp

Amazing. Yes it was really amazing to see how much Eclipse-RCP is used in Austria. I got in touch with many people and talked with them about e4 and the vision behind it.

Many of them said that the flexible theming and rendering is something they really need to use Eclipse-RCP-Technology as their target platform (even fairly conservative ones like banks) else the pressure from RIA-Platforms like Silverlight and Flex is getting too big.

My 10 minute presentation was quite well received and I enjoyed my time in Vienna and looking forward now to next demo camp in Hamburg.