Eclipse Techs on steroids

If you liked this blog post you’ll really enjoy watching this short screen cast showing how top notch Java-Technlogies from Eclipse (e4, orion, JDT-Core) and Oracle (JavaFX) can work together seemlessly.

I had to tweak the orion ContentAssistent-Code a bit to get nice auto-completion with icons & multiple-colors. It has be really easy to fix this in the JavaScript code.

There are other things I’d like to change in the orions proposal stuff so I guess I’ll have to update to the latest and greatest Orion code base and bug the orion team with some pull requests.

Doug – next to get working is CDT-Core and autocomplete ;-)

5 Responses to “Eclipse Techs on steroids”

  1. Typing… just typing (without up, down) seems faster!

    Looks great! CPU usage? Memory usage? GPU usage?

  2. Hi,

    is it possible to get the code.

    Ramazan Kunas

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