SVG To FXML Converter as Commandline util

There’ve been some requests from people to use the SVG to FXML converter outside my e(fx)clipse project. I’m happy to announce that the latest nightly builds provide a standalone version of the converter.

Useage is quite simple:

java -jar svg2fxml-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar tiger.fxml

will produce an FXML which can be loaded into SceneBuilder:

Need to teach myself now how I can provide this as a netbeans module ;-) Any volunteers to provide an implementation and contribute it to e(fx)

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8 Responses to “SVG To FXML Converter as Commandline util”

  1. Is there a way to use this jar api for generating a javafx.scene.Node without the fxml step ?

    • no and the algorithms used are not optimized for live processing and creation of Scene-Graph on the fly. What is your use case, do you want to use it transform SVGs on the fly?

  2. What part of the svg specification if supported ? For example this complex svg ( is very well converted but this much more simple one( is not.


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