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Subversion + Certificates + Java > 1.6u17

I’ve blogged a long time ago about my problems with Subversion + Certificates and Java with a version higher than u17. Today the author of SVNKit added a comment to the ticket talking about the problem. The solution is so simple once you know about the following resource. All you need to do is to […]

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QxWT: Find out API changes between Qooxdoo-Releases

While trying to update my qooxdoo wrapper to 1.3. I had the problem that I could find out easily which classes, methods and properties have been added/remove between e.g. 1.2 and 1.3 so that I could adjust my GWT-Wrappers. This was until Andreas Ecker from the qooxdoo team pointed me to an interesting Meta-Data information […]

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Enhanced RCP: Usage of TitleAreDialogSupport

Eclipse Databinding comes with many utility classes and one of them is TitleAreaDialogSupport which can be used to show validation errors when running in an TitleAreaDialog. But the default implementation has some missing features: Once a validation error is shown the default message is not coming back when correcting them The Ok-Button does not get […]

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Improvement Properties-Editor

I’ve lately worked a lot with property files and what always bothered me was that there was no Outline-View shown for it like it is e.g. for the Java-Files. Typically properties-File e.g. for translations are structured in a hierarchical way e.g. my files look like this: Which means we could group the items in the […]

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Enhanced RCP: How views can communicate

I’ve often seen the question in the eclipse newsgroups when it comes to view communication. People often face the problem that their views have to communicate with each other informing about state changes (selection changes are published best through ISelectionService). It looks like many people are not familiar with the OSGi-EventAdmin-Service which is a generic […]

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2010 in review

At the end of the year it’s always good to look back on what has happened the whole year and sometimes you get suprised because your current impression on things you did doesn’t really match with the one you really did when digging into code-repositories, mailing lists, bugzillas and such. My Eureka moment was when […]

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