Improvement Properties-Editor

I’ve lately worked a lot with property files and what always bothered me was that there was no Outline-View shown for it like it is e.g. for the Java-Files.

Typically properties-File e.g. for translations are structured in a hierarchical way e.g. my files look like this:

ListView_FirstName=First Name
ListView_LastName=Last Name


Which means we could group the items in the outline a bit by using the _ as a group indicator which makes the editor and outline look like this:

I’ve uploaded the Eclipse Plugin to EclipseLabs and you can install it by pointing your Eclipse Plug-in Installer to

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13 Responses to Improvement Properties-Editor

  1. Wolfgang Schramm says:

    Hi Tom

    There is an “Message Bundle Editor” available on the eclipse site: which also contains an outline view.

    I use this editor in my eclipse rcp project to translate the strings. A modified (optimized) version and how to install it is described here:


  2. Laurent Muller says:

    Hello Tom,

    A very nice code !

    I have copied your code and updated a bit. The result is that You don’t need any more to extend the Properties editor. In place, I have created an adapter factory with code like this:

    @SuppressWarnings({ "rawtypes" })
    public Object getAdapter(final Object adaptableObject, final Class adapterType) {
    if (adapterType == IContentOutlinePage.class && adaptableObject instanceof PropertiesFileEditor) {
    final PropertiesFileEditor editor = (PropertiesFileEditor) adaptableObject;
    return new PropertyContentOutlinePage(editor);
    return null;

    If You want the source code, please send me a e-mail.

    Best Regards


    • Tom Schindl says:

      Would you mind to create a patch and create a ticket at eclipselabs? I’m just working with JDT-Team to include the code into JDT so people get this feature by default in 3.7

    • Tom Schindl says:

      or simply upload your source code to EclipseLabs.

  3. Laurent Muller says:

    I do a lot of changes. Maybe is more simple to send You a zip file.

  4. Laurent Muller says:

    I have uploaded the source code to EclipseLabs.

  5. reda says:


    I’ve add the link to eclipse (helios) but I have : “there are no categorized items” message.


  6. reda says:

    Thank you Tom, I’ve successfully installed the plugin

    But now, there is nothing in the outline view when I open properties file.

    I’m using Eclipse helios on linux

  7. reda says:

    Hum, thanks. It is fine now.

    You are using the _ as a group separator, what if I want to use a dot ?

    Can we change this?

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