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Workbench Model Tooling

While traveling by train to Vienna and back I had time to invest some time into the workbench tooling and I think I added some nice and helpful things. “Live” Model Inspection: The first and most important feature is that you can now inspect the model of your running workbench by hitting CTRL+SHIFT+I Better support […]

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Vienna DemoCamp

I managed to get to Vienna Helios DemoCamp which took places yesterday (June 25th 2010). There’ve been some very interesting presentations about different Eclipse Projects (EMFStore and EMFCP, Object Teams, redView, …). I gave a presentation at around 23:00 (it was my first talk with a beer next to me :-) in the night about […]

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News from the Nebula

I’ve planned to write up a blog post up new cool Nebula-Features since some time but failed because of time constraints (e4 has been my main focus). Any ways there’s not only cool stuff happening at e4. So this blog post is dedicated to new widgets and new features that got integrated in the Nebula-Sources. […]

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OS-X, Java-Update and subversion frustration

All of a sudden my Subversion integration stopped working in all my various Eclipse-Versions which as you can imagine is a really huge problem in a coperate environment. We are working with a lot of different companies around the world and most of them use Subversion as their version control system, the authentification is done […]

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e4 – A forward compat layer

In my last post I started explaining how one can write a so called forward compat layer for a custom application. In the blog post I’ll present the first available bits of such a layer provided as part of the e4-Tooling effort. The idea of the forward compat layer is that you use the e4-Programming […]

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